Greetings everybody! We are a group of friends and couchsurfers live and study in Chiang Mai for the last  years. Since we loooooove cycling we decided to create an amateur tour of Chiang Mai for travellers and newcomers. 

"DISCOVER CHIANG MAI" is our 2hour FREE bicycle tour specifically designed to navigate people that looooove bicycle rides through the wonderful areas of Chiang Mai city and surroundings.

If you never visited Chiang Mai before, then this tour is the best way to get to know the city.


More specifically you will:

--> Explore the beautiful Chiang Mai city through side streets, alleys and surrounding areas

--> Discover the most famous hidden markets

--> Find the location of the most important temples

--> Get the most usefull information about the way of life the habits and all the cultural aspects that consist the beautiful province of Chiang Mai.


The tour starts  usually 9am in front of Tha Pae Gate and completes at the same point around 11-11.30pm. 

For the dates just send us a message if you would like to participate. We try not to have more than 5 people per ride as the traffic sometimes becomes kinda tricky.
                     WHAT WE ARE VISITING

The tour starts from   where we cross the bridge and go out of the moat.

Through small alleys we reach and cross the Muang May Market to find our way along the Ping river until we reach Wararot Market and cycle through it. 

After that we make a nice circle around Ping river using the two bridges and the walking area. We can relax for a little while near the river. Continuing through nice alleys we find our way into the moat were we will explore the area and visit the three kings monument and What Pra Singh temple. 

The ride will finish at the beautiful city park where we can relax and enjoy. After we return back to Tha Pae Gate through a fast route or if you like we can return from a route exploring the outside of the moat from a diferent side. Depends on your powers.


             ZERO of course!!! is for the fun of it!!